Introducing the Exquisite Lapta Villas: A Luxurious Off-Plan Project in Northern Cyprus

In the beautiful backdrop of Lapta, Northern Cyprus, a luxurious off-plan project is rising, promising a blend of elegance, comfort, and investment potential. The Savvy Investor Limited is delighted to introduce this unique opportunity: a total of 32 exclusive villas, including 30 semi-detached and 2 detached residences, set to complete in October 2025.

The Residences

These elegant villas are the epitome of contemporary living, designed to elevate your lifestyle with their exclusive amenities and stunning design.

The two 4+1 detached villas, boasting 208 sqm of internal space and 200 sqm of external area, each come with their private swimming pools and lush garden spaces. Each villa features seven air conditioning units, a fireplace, a hot tub, a study, and a private pool, providing an ideal luxury lifestyle setting.

Exquisite - 4+1 detached villa, private pool and garden

For the semi-detached option, you have the choice of 30 2+1 villas, offering a 104 sqm internal living area and an average of 120 sqm outdoor space. Each property is equipped with four air conditioning units, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere year-round.

Exquisite 2+1 semi-detached villas

Community Amenities

Beyond the individual residences, the project also comes with an array of communal facilities. At the heart of the community is the Lounge X, featuring a sauna, an indoor pool, a games room, a lounge, a bar, a gym, and even a communal office space with a meeting room. The leisure options extend to a sofa cinema and two outdoor communal pools.

Exquisite X-Lounge

Families will appreciate the two on-site playgrounds. Car owners, particularly those with electric vehicles, will find ample parking and an electric car charging station.

Additionally, the site will showcase three commissioned sculptures, adding an artistic touch to the outdoor areas.

Unbeatable Location

The project’s prime location allows easy access to a range of conveniences and leisure options. Eighteen hotels and restaurants, cafes, and three pharmacies are all within an 800m walk.

To top it all, the site sits on Turkish title deed property, giving it that added touch of exclusivity and security.

Exquisite Luxury Lifestyle, Lapta - Site Plan

Prices and Payment Plans

The 2+1 semi-detached villas start from £390,000 to £450,000, while the 4+1 detached villas are priced at £1,100,000 and £1,200,000. We also offer three flexible payment plans to suit different budget needs.

  • With the first plan, you pay a 35% deposit and then stage payments based on key construction milestones.
  • For those who can make a 50% down-payment, we offer a 5% discount off the purchase price.
  • Those able to pay 100% upfront will receive a 10% discount and a luxury furniture package.
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior - from bedroom towards ensuite and wardrobes
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior - ensuite bathroom
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior - bedroom 3
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior - bedroom 2
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior - bedroom
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior dining room 2
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior kitchen
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior fireplace
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior living room
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior dining room
  • Exquisite 4+1 interior study

For buyers interested in renting out their property, we offer full property management services, ensuring your investment is hassle-free.

Exquisite Lapta Villas - projected RoI and rental income to 2033

Secure Your Villa Now

With groundworks already underway and construction set to start in October 2023, this is the ideal time to invest in this exquisite Lapta off-plan project. The Savvy Investor Limited is on hand to guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth and rewarding investment experience. Get in touch with us today and discover the potential of this outstanding opportunity in Northern Cyprus.