The Current State of Northern Cyprus Real Estate

The real estate market in Northern Cyprus has been gradually gaining momentum over the past few years. A combination of affordable prices, a favourable climate, and increased interest from overseas buyers has resulted in an upward trajectory. But what’s the hidden gem in this market? Enter Esentepe. For a broader overview of the property market in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), please see our recent article here.

The island of Cyprus from space
Cyprus from space

Why Esentepe is a Prime Location for Investment?

Esentepe, a charming village nestled between the sea and the mountains, has emerged as a top choice for investors. Its strategic location, natural beauty, and high-quality infrastructure make it an attractive proposition for those looking to invest in property. But why is it drawing so much attention?

Esentepe area map from Google Maps
Esentepe Region (Source: Google Maps)

The Growing Demand for Property in Esentepe

The demand for property in Esentepe has been steadily increasing, fuelled by both locals and international buyers. It’s not hard to see why. The stunning vistas, tranquil lifestyle, and favourable property prices provide a perfect blend for those seeking a lucrative investment opportunity.

Stunning Views:

Picture-perfect views of the azure Mediterranean sea on one side and lush, green mountains on the other. Esentepe offers this and much more. It’s no wonder investors are drawn to its scenic allure.

Diverse Property Choices:

Whether you’re looking at off-plan properties or resale homes, Esentepe offers a plethora of choices. A glance at the Savvy Investor Guide’s current off-plan projects in TRNC reveals some of these exquisite options.

Golf Lovers’ Paradise:

For those who are partial to a game of golf, Esentepe is home to one of Northern Cyprus’s premier golf courses. Not only does this make for a leisurely pastime, but it also adds to the region’s investment potential. Check out their website here, it also serves excellent food and, if golf is not your thing, there is a tennis academy there too!

The Investment Opportunities in Esentepe

Esentepe offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Let’s dive into a few of them. You can also see an overview of the building plots we have available in Karaağaç, Esentepe and the Bahamas Project a little further down towards Tatlısu. There is also the excellent Sun Valley Countryside West project which has recently launched, see here, as well as The Blue, and Phuket Health and Wellness Resort. For those looking for resale properties, we have a number of great finished new-builds and pre-loved properties on our books – these are not all listed on the website, but if you contact us and tell us your requirements (size, location, budget, features), we can prepare a list of suitable resale properties for you. Easiest way to do this is to arrange a free, online consultation with one of our Property Investment Consultants and we can discuss your property investment journey in Northern Cyprus further!

  • SunValley Countryside West Luxury Apartments
  • The Blue - aerial shot of the pool area
  • Alagadi Bungalow

Residential Property Investment

Residential properties in Esentepe offer excellent return prospects. With the increasing population and the demand for quality housing, investing in residential properties seems like a no-brainer.

Commercial Property Investment

Commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets, are also in high demand. With the growth in tourism, the prospects for commercial real estate investment are robust.

Holiday Home Investment

Investing in holiday homes is another lucrative option. As Esentepe becomes a favourite vacation spot, the demand for holiday homes is set to soar.

The Future of Real Estate in Esentepe

Infrastructure Developments

The government is investing heavily in infrastructure developments, which will further enhance the attractiveness of Esentepe. From road upgrades to improved public services, these enhancements are set to boost property values. As well as the recently opened new runway and terminal at Ercan Airport along with the promise of long-awaited direct flights from some countries, there is current talk of adding an electricity interconnector to run alongside the water pipeline from Turkey and possibly even a tunnel through the Beşparmak mountains linking the Kyrenia coast with the central plains! Exciting times!

Economic Projections

Economic projections for Northern Cyprus, and Esentepe in particular, are positive. This will inevitably fuel the real estate market, creating even more opportunities for investors.

Growing Tourism and its Impact on Real Estate

As tourism continues to grow, the impact on the real estate market will be significant. More tourists will translate into greater demand for both residential and commercial properties.

Benefits of Investing in Esentepe Real Estate

Financial Returns

Investing in Esentepe real estate can yield high financial returns. Given the market trends and the future growth potential, investors can expect significant capital appreciation and rental income.

Lifestyle Benefits

The lifestyle benefits are another compelling reason to invest in Esentepe. The idyllic surroundings, the friendly community, and the high-quality life make it an irresistible destination.

Future Growth Potential

The future growth potential of Esentepe’s real estate market is massive. With the ongoing developments and the increasing interest from overseas buyers, the prospects for further growth are very high.

Conclusion: Is Investing in Esentepe a Good Decision?

Investing in Esentepe is not just a good decision, but it could be one of the best decisions you make. The blend of financial returns, lifestyle benefits, and future growth potential make it a compelling proposition for any savvy investor. So, why wait? Dive in and seize the opportunity.


Is Esentepe a safe place for investment?

Yes, Esentepe is a safe place for investment, with a stable economy and a growing real estate market.

What type of properties are available for investment in Esentepe?

Check out our project page for more details of the projects in the area we are currently promoting, or contact us to discuss your requirements – with our catalogue of off-plan projects and resale properties, we are sure to have something meeting your needs!

What are the future growth prospects for Esentepe’s real estate market?

The future growth prospects for Esentepe’s real estate market are robust, fuelled by ongoing infrastructure developments, positive economic projections, and a growing tourism sector.

What are the lifestyle benefits of investing in Esentepe?

Esentepe offers a high-quality lifestyle, with its beautiful surroundings, friendly community, and top-notch amenities.

Are there any risks involved in investing in Esentepe real estate?

Like any investment, investing in real estate in Esentepe comes with its own set of risks. However, with careful planning and thorough research, these risks can be effectively managed. Here at The Savvy Investor Limited, we strongly encourage you to do your own due diligence and also provide you with details of recommended independent local legal advisors (solicitors/lawyers) who can assist you in the process. We also perform our own due diligence on the developers whose projects we are promoting to make sure that they meet our high standards before we are willing to list them. For resale properties, we also look at the property itself and its location to decide if it is one we are willing to list.