Hello there, savvy investors! Have you ever considered Northern Cyprus as an investment destination? If not, it’s high time you did. The region’s property investment scene is experiencing an unprecedented upswing, becoming a hotspot for savvy investors like you. But let’s not rush headlong into things. We need to cover the basics, delve into the nitty-gritty, and ultimately navigate the current Northern Cyprus property investment scene.

Trendspotting: Navigating the Current Northern Cyprus Property Investment Scene

Now, you might be wondering, what’s up with the Northern Cyprus property market? Well, the island has been seeing a consistent rise in its property values, all thanks to its robust economy, the welcoming Mediterranean climate, and the increased infrastructure development. Investors are spotting opportunities left, right, and centre. Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

The Growing Appeal of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, often dubbed the “Mediterranean’s hidden gem,” has experienced a noticeable upsurge in foreign property investment. This growth is backed by factors like improved infrastructure, attractive property prices, and a welcoming environment for expats. How about we unpack these factors?

1. Improved Infrastructure

Thanks to massive investment in infrastructure, the region’s accessibility and connectivity have significantly improved. There’s an increase in the quality and quantity of roads, the public transport system is up to par, and there’s better access to utilities such as water, electricity, and the internet.

2. Attractive Property Prices

Comparatively, property prices in Northern Cyprus are quite attractive, especially when pitted against other Mediterranean destinations. This affordability makes it a perfect ground for property investors seeking worthwhile returns.

3. A Welcoming Environment for Expats

Northern Cyprus is increasingly becoming a favourite spot for expats. Its warm climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture make it an appealing destination. But the icing on the cake? The cost of living is relatively low. It’s no wonder that Northern Cyprus is fast becoming an expat paradise.

Navigating the Property Types in Northern Cyprus

When it comes to property types, Northern Cyprus offers a variety that caters to diverse preferences and budgets. From modern apartments in the heart of cities to sprawling villas on the seaside, Northern Cyprus has something for everyone. Let’s explore the common property types in Northern Cyprus.

1. Apartments

Apartments are a favourite for many property investors in Northern Cyprus. They are available in different sizes and designs, often located in close proximity to city centres, with access to all amenities.

2. Villas

For those who prefer a touch of luxury and space, villas are a great option. They are often located in serene environments and come with features such as private swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and stunning views.

3. Off-Plan Properties

Off-plan properties refer to properties purchased before or during their construction. This property type has become quite popular among investors, primarily because it offers potential high returns.

Making Your First Property Investment in Northern Cyprus

Thinking about making your first property investment in Northern Cyprus? Well, you’re in the right place. Here, we provide some valuable insights to get you started.

1. Understand the Legal Framework

The first step in your property investment journey is to understand the legal framework. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with property laws, land registration processes, and tax obligations.

2. Research the Market

Market research is the foundation of any successful investment. Evaluate the prevailing market conditions, understand the trends, and identify the potential risks and rewards.

3. Seek Professional Advice

Engaging a property investment consultant can save you a lot of hassle. They can provide you with valuable insights, guide you through the buying process, and even assist you in managing your investment.

Making your first property investment


Is Northern Cyprus a safe place to invest?

Yes, Northern Cyprus is considered a safe and stable destination for property investment. The region has a robust economy and a legal framework that protects property owners.

What property types are available in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus offers a range of property types, including apartments, villas, and off-plan properties, catering to diverse preferences and budgets.

What’s the average price of a property in Northern Cyprus?

Property prices in Northern Cyprus vary depending on the type and location of the property. However, on average, you can find good properties in the range of £135,000 to £250,000. Prices have seen a significant rise over the last couple of years.

Are there any restrictions on foreign property ownership in Northern Cyprus?

Foreigners can own property in Northern Cyprus, but they are limited to one property per person or married couple. If you want to have more than one, there are recognised systems in place to enable this. Speak with us at The Savvy Investor to find out more.

Can I rent out my property in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, renting out your property is a common practice in Northern Cyprus and can provide a steady income stream. For the off-plan developments we are currently promoting, there are rental management companies from the developer to help you with all the aspects of renting out your investment property.

Do I need a visa to visit Northern Cyprus?

Citizens from many countries, including the UK, do not need a visa for stays up to 30 days (60 days if visiting family, 90 days if a property owner). However, it’s always best to check the latest visa regulations.


As you can see, the Northern Cyprus property investment scene offers a plethora of opportunities for savvy investors. From affordable property prices and a welcoming environment to a variety of property types, Northern Cyprus is definitely worth considering for your property investment portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes in the property investment waters, navigating the Northern Cyprus property scene can yield significant returns.

Ready to Dip Your Toes in the Northern Cyprus Property Market?

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